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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • How can I meet you and the MC's
    We offer a number of ways to meet the entertainers.We host Club Energy where our entertainers will be available for you to meet and for you to see perform. Club Energy is closed to the public and only open to our guests. You can find out where and when on the Club Energy page above. You can also set an appointment at our offices and showroom in Coral Springs. We also offer a monthly Meet and Greet night

  • How do I know who will be performing at my event
    All of our MC's are partners with the company. You can book them by name and have peace of mind that you know exactly who will be performing the day of your celebration. If you book one of our specials, it will be one of our 13 MC's and partners performing. No matter who it is you will be meeting with them within 4 weeks of your celebration to go over every detail.

  • Can we see you at a party
    Unfortuantely not. Clients have paid us to perform at their celebration and it is not our place to invite guests in hopes of booking future events. It is an integrity issue for us. You can see us and meet us at Club Energy. In addition we will provide you with the contact information of the last three parties we did. It is a totally honest and unbias way for you to see what clients think of us.

  • What makes you different from other companies
    That's difficult to say as truthfully we do not get to see what other companies are doing. Our business model is designed to provide the most professional and personal experience possible. Even our dancers have business cards, giving them a sense of pride in their role and empowering them to be the best they can be. Our MC's are all partners. As partners we all have a vested interest in the success of each and every event and in each other. From the first time you meet your entertainer through to the finals before the big day, where you and your MC will discuss every expectation, your "do's and don'ts", to ensure your day.....your way.

  • Can we get references
    Yes, we encourage references. We feel the most honest and unbiased referral we can give up will come from the last 3 parties we did. Not just any 3 parties the last 3. The one thing we know we always get right is making sure that we do everything that any client asked us to do and exceeding their expectations.

  • Do you contact our caterer
    We speak to all the vendors that will be a part of the celebrations. Our office calls the venue 10 days before the event to varify information. The MC is the quarter back of the party and they communicate throughout the evening with the caterer.

  • Can we contact our MC
    We encourage communication with your MC. You can email them, they can call you or you can and hang out with them at Club Energy. The better they know you the better the party will be. The personal touch we offer is one of the most important parts of creating a successful celebration.

  • How much experience do your MC's have
    This is a great question. Many companies say they have years of experience. 5 years experience might sound impressive if you did 1 mitzvah per month. Pure Energy entertainers will work between 4 and 8 mitzvahs per month. Just to become an MC and partner with the company there is a 2 year partnership program. During that time they will have entertained at over 150 mitzvah celebrations as either a DJ or dancer. So depending on the length of time they have been with Pure Energy they will have entertained at between 150 to 400+ celebrations.

  • Should we keep Cocktail hour entertainment all night
    This question is particularly important when you consider the type of party you want to have. With nearly every mitzvah the 2nd hour is taken up with formailities. For example, Grand Entrance, Horah, Candle Lighting, First Dance and not to mention in some cases guests being seated to give orders for main course options. With that being the case you will have to pay for at least 3 hours for an activity to stay. The cost is not the only factor to consider, in fact in some cases the cost is not much at all, but when guests have entertainment options you have for all intents and purposes two separate parties going on. One in the main room and one back outside in the cocktail hour room. We can help guide you through this process, in most cases less can be more. Whatever your interests we will help explain your options and offer suggestions on how to bring the perfect balance between dancing and activities.

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